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pho soup


Koi Gardens Vietnamese Cuisine prides itself on serving the most authentic pho in Portland, OR. We are a premier pho restaurant that only makes fresh, fantastic food. Our chicken, beef, herbs, and rice noodles are of the highest quality. All of our dishes are made with passion and love, which translate into a delectable meal that will melt your taste buds. Our traditional pho comes with rice noodles and slices of round steak, flank, fatty brisket, tendon, tripe, meatballs, and shrimp and served with a side of bean sprouts, jalapenos, a wedge of lime, and Asian basil. It’s up to you how you want to eat this delectable dish, so you can customize your meal or choose from one of the many selections on our extensive menu. Our options include pho dac biet, tai chin, tai nam, tai sach, bo vien, pho tom, and much more. Once you taste our pho, you’ll want to come and visit again and again. You can try something different every time, or you can pick out a favorite you can always enjoy. We are passionate about Vietnamese food, and we want you to experience the same passion we have with a fantastic meal. Our staff is professional and always happy to serve our clients. Come have a bite with us or grab some Vietnamese to go today.

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